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Shutters for Sliding Doors

Sliding glass doors are extremely popular in the Inland Empire, and across Southern California. Sliding doors bring views of the outside indoors – and are ideal for access to patios, porches and pool areas. Sliding doors can provide spectacular mountain views – or enable you to keep an eye on the kids as they play in the yard.

However, large sliding doors are one of the most challenging expanses to cover with window treatments. Since they are both a window and a functioning door, balancing beauty with durability is key. Shutters offer the perfect hybrid solution to this predicament. Shutters are sturdy enough to stand up to frequent use and elegant enough to cover such a large area – while offering light filtering and privacy control.

Kid & Pet Safe Shutters

Up until recently, vertical blinds were the standard window treatment of choice for sliding doors. But shutters are considerably more sturdy and stable – and attractive – than rattling old-school vertical blinds.  This makes sliding door shutters the ideal choice for families with children or dogs. Shutters will not get damaged or disarrayed – like vertical blinds – by energetic children or excited dogs.

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Bypass Shutters for Sliding Doors

Shutters come in a wide array of materials, styles and colors – with an assortment of operating features. Bypass shutters operate on a unique elevated tracking system that is installed overhead. This system allows the user to easily slide the shutter panels to the left or right. This ease of operation makes bypass shutters ideal for any sliding door. For added architectural appeal, bypass sliding shutters are also available with an optional crown molding on the top.

Bi-Fold Shutters for Sliding Doors

Another type of shutter that works well for sliding glass doors is the bi-fold shutter. Bi-fold shutters are constructed of hinged panels that fold up. Bi-fold plantation shutter panels can operate in a “free hanging” system – or on tracks that guide the panels as they fold. Additionally, bi-fold shutters can be installed to open all to the same direction, or to open toward both sides of the sliding door.

Design Elements of Shutters for Sliding Doors

Custom shutters can be fitted to virtually any door – even doors having protruding knobs, handles, or levers. Even if your door has minimal space for mounting, custom shutters can typically be installed by our skilled shutter installers. Shutters can typically be mounted directly to the doors’ surface – including wood, metal, fiberglass, and more.

For French doors with lever handles, shutter “cutouts can allow the lever to function freely.

In sum, plantations shutters aren’t just for windows anymore! With today’s advanced technologies, materials and manufacturing processes, shutters can be configured to protect and beautify any door with full functionality and the utmost in style.

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