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Shutters Types

Shutters were originally an exterior architectural element. They were strictly “functional” – and were simply sturdy wooden fixtures used to defend windows from the severe weather. As methods of window glass production evolved, shutters were no longer needed to protect windows from the environment.

Today, shutters are now popular as an elegant and durable interior window treatment, combining their original functionality with exquisite design appeal.

Shutters 360 offers the widest selection of U.S. made shutters in a wide variety of materials, finishes and styles. We come to your home to show you samples, and help you select the shutter that suit your style and your budget.

Four of our most popular interior shutter styles are showcased below. Browse these, then call us to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION in your home to discuss your shutter needs!

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Cafe Shutters

Café Shutters is a term used to refer to shutters that only cover a portion of the window. Typically Café shutters grace the lower half or two thirds of a window, while allowing in natural light in on the top half or third. Cafe Shutters shelter the living space of any room from prying eyes and direct sunlight – while the upper area of the window remains uncovered.

Café shutters are typically utilized in kitchens, dining rooms and even baths where more natural light is desired. They are also perfect for rooms with tall windows that offer views of trees or mountains – giving you the “view above” while keeping “privacy below”!

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Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters is a term used to mean different things. But typically, the term Plantation Shutters refers to a very wide louvered shutter that is used as an interior window or door covering.

Plantation Shutters originated in the large home of the South – hence the name. However, during the California housing boom of the 1950s, Plantation Shutters gained popularity for the view they afforded between their wide slats when open. And the relief from the sun they provided when closed!

Today wide slatted shutters are considered to combine the utmost in traditional elegance with excellent energy conserving properties.

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French Doors

Nothing combines elegance with functionality like shuttered French Doors. Suitable for small or larger expanses, shutters afford complete privacy when the louvers are shut – yet “open up” a room when louvers are opened.

French doors are also a popular design choice for closet doors, and make a stunning alternative to outdated mirrored, sliding or colonial closet doors. And their durability makes them ideal for areas of heavy or frequent use.

Like all of our custom shutters, your French Doors will be custom-made from your choice of a wide variety of materials and finishes – to fit your design style and your budget.

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Arched Shutters

Custom Arched Top Shutters are the perfect window treatment for – you guessed it – classic arch top windows!

Rounded or arched windows can be challenging to cover. But our selection of arched shutters solves this dilemma with functionality and style – and offers arched window option that shades and blinds do not.

White finished arched shutters, can be very “Cape Cod” or “Beach-y”, while an oak finished arched shutter can convey a more natural, rustic feel. And a darker finished wood shutter –  perhaps mahogany or cherry – can add classic sophistication to a dining room or study.