Types of Shutters

Shutters are one of today’s most in demand window treatments – combining durability and reliability with design style and sophistication. We carry Norman®, Elegant® & Century® brand shutters – all known for their innovative designs and quality construction.

Shutters are easy to operate, offer complete light control – and also enhance the value of your home.

At Shutters 360° we offer Northern Arizona’s best shutters – at the most affordable prices. Our USA made shutters bring you unparalleled quality, durability, and beauty – making them a wise investment.

We carry a full line of shutter sizes, shapes and colors, and materials – to fit any decor and any budget. Our shutter offerings include: prestigious solid wood shutters; affordable wood composites & advanced polymers; and eco-friendly wood shutters.

Free In Home Shutter Consultation

Take a look at some of our shutter styles, below. Then schedule a free consultation with one of our expert designers to come to your home, and help you select the shutters that suit your style and your budget!

riverside polymer shutters

Polymer Shutters

Gorgeous design style is coupled with strength for beautiful and worry free shutters. Our advanced polymer shutters have ABS co-polymer materials built into them, the same technology that can be found in automobiles & helmets!

ABS Polymer shutters resist moisture, shrinkage and warping and are exceptionally easy to clean. The advanced polymer material is also renowned for its color-fastness and resistance to denting.

riverside woodshutters

Hardwood Shutters

Nothing matches the prestige or elegance of hardwood shutters. Our partners have years of research & development in forestry, making our USA-farmed hardwood top-of-the-line: dimensionally stable, strong, finely grained & eco-friendly.

Hand sanded and hand painted or stained multiple times, the result is a super-premium, translucent finish that showcases the woods natural beauty as well as long term structural integrity.

riverside shutters

Eco-Friendly Shutters

Our Norman Brand EcoSmart Engineered Wood Shutters™ are constructed  from the wood of rapid-growth trees – enabling tree replenishment at an extremely accelerated rate.

These shutters are constructed with a solid MDF core – real wood in an advanced state – for the ultimate density and strength. And, these environmentally shutters retain their functionality and good looks without excessive maintenance.

riverside composite shutters

Composite Shutters

Our affordable composite wood shutters feature exceptionally beautiful grain characteristics. Meticulous hand staining enhances the wood grain’s color, depth and character – showcasing the inherent texture of the wood.

Painted white – or in any of our myriad of stains and colors – wood composite shutters are an affordable option to match any decor or design style.