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Century® Window Blinds

Why buy blinds manufactured overseas or in other states, when you can purchase gorgeous, affordable window blinds that are made right here in the USA? Century® Blinds was founded in 1992, in Riverside County, in Corona, California! Today they are recognized as a world-wide supplier of premier window blinds – offering attractive, durable blinds at affordable prices.

When you purchase your blinds from Century®, you are “shopping locally” – which is good for the USA economy and better for the planet, too!  Century® employs hundreds of workers who construct simply the very best “Made in the USA” window blinds and shades.

With a wide selection of materials – and on-trend color choices – Century® offers window blinds and shades to complement or complete any decor. And because of their high quality, you can purchase with confidence – knowing that you will have years of trouble-free operation. And in the unlikely event that something does become damaged with use, repairs & replacements are fast and easy because Century® is right here in your Norther Arizona neighborhood!


At Shutters 360, we Century’s complete array of blinds, including: affordable aluminum blinds; humidity resistant “softwood” blinds; rich & durable real wood blinds; sliding-door vertical blinds; and,  practical Vinylux blinds.  No matter what your design style – or your budget – Century® window blinds meet your needs for design, privacy, light control, durability and energy efficiency.


CLICK HERE  to see the many different styles of Century® window blinds. Or call us today to schedule a free consultation with a member of our window blind design team. Our experts will come to your Norther Arizona home, and help you select the blinds, shades & shutters that fit your personal decor and your budget!